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George Osborne , business speech , Yorkshire 15.55 1st April 2015

George Osborne is quite difficult to draw from a distance. I’m about 10 yards from his podium in a soft drinks warehouse in Yorkshire.

I sketch George as the focal point of the gathering whilst he delivers his speech on economic growth to a seated audience of journalists, local businessmen and women, party supporters and warehouse workers wearing bulky high vis jackets and hard hats.

The warehouse is stacked floor to ceiling with palleted columns of fizzy  pop hence it being referred to  by the jocular local Bramley-ite  workers as ‘ the canyon’ ‘the CAN -yon! Watching  politicians hand gestures has always been a very good shorthand method of visually encapsulating character in a few strokes of the pen.  I remember this quite late into George Osborne’s short speech and manage to make a couple of sketches of him and hastily draw his hands in action.


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