UKIP Launch Smith Square 30th March-1    line up UKIP Launch St Margaret's Bay Tues 31st March 2015   UKIP Launch St Margaret's Bay Tues 31st March 2015

UKIP posters unveiled in Smith Sq London, Mon 30th March and the Coastguard Pub , St Catherine’s Bay, Dover.

UKIP’s poster launch events present my first opportunity to sketch a proper ‘media scrum’. This peculiar amorphous organism forms once Nigel Farage, the party leader, has unveiled the UKIP campaign posters and made a short speech.

The tangle of photographers cameramen sound operators, notebook clutching hacks, step ladders and boom microphones pulsates like a kind of outdoor-wear clad jellyfish. Drawing this number of flapping arms, legs and heads in a few seconds is a bit tricky. A photographer in a bobble hat helps to give this fleece lined mass a bit of personality. The long microphone booms arched over Farage with the church of St John in Smith Sq behind him make the scene look like a crazed wedding ceremony.

In the car park of ‘the Coastguard ‘pub, St Margaret’s Dover UKIP candidates and supporters stand in front of the covered advertising van, posters turned crotch-wards like the line up of a political balloon dance troupe.

The best thing to draw about Nigel Farage are his clothes. Waxed jacket, cotton hunting shirt, mustard cords. The rabbits on his tie are too tiny a detail to make apparent in my quick sketches.

I don’t get to draw Nigel with his trademark pint of bitter in the coastguard pub afterwards  as he orders a coffee.


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