David Cameron in Edinburgh

PM 7th april 4 Breakfast, -2 PM 7th April 2        

8.30am Tuesday 7th April 2015

Edinburgh; David Cameron attends a haggis and fried toast business breakfast at Scottish Widows HQ Edinburgh.

A discreet power breakfast is taking place in the foyer employees cafe at Scottish Widows HQ when I arrive. It’s a swift haggis and fried bread affair as David Cameron plans to visit 4 countries in one day.

I sit at the next table and have a few rushed moments to make drawings of Mr Cameron and his wife who sits next to him. They are joined by half a dozen employees who all drink tea from paper cups.

The media pack rush off for a flight to Belfast even before Samantha Cameron has finished her bacon sandwich.

Outside two chaps in short sleeved shirts and jeans hold up a ‘vote SNP’ banner as the PM whizzes out of the basement car park and off to three more countries. I add a very sketchy semblance of the car to  my drawing.