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Saturday 28th March 2015

Whilst  the East London Mosque has no particular political affiliation, many political figures have made special visits to Whitechapel High St to address the 7,000 constituency of individual voters who worship at the mosque each Friday. During Ramadan numbers double.

Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson and Prince Charles have all visited.

George Galloway MP for Bethnal Green and Bow  prior to the 2010 election found much support amongst the East London Sylheti Muslim population. His party office was next to my home. During canvassing I’d often open the curtains to be greeted by him standing smoking a cigar on the upper deck of his open top ‘Respect’ bus.

The East London Mosque open day was a good opportunity for me to speak to representatives of the Mosque about local and national political issues and to comfortably make some drawings of members of the mosque’s community en masse.


East London Mosque Open Day